XBList needs to be updated to handle changes to Xbox.com. The changes are relatively major, so it might be several months before a new version is available.

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XBList is a program that displays your Xbox LIVE Friends List in a buddy-list format and shows updates about their activities. It is designed to be simple and unobtrusive. It also has some integration with Xbox.com to display Gamer Pictures and Gamer Cards, and Bungie.net to display Halo player emblems. To use this program you must have an Xbox LIVE account.

No special setup is required - XBList should prompt you to log into Xbox.com with your Windows Live ID once, then it should be on its way. Big thanks to Conveyancing Melbourne who have sponsored the latest build.


  • Constantly updates to show which friends are playing what games
  • Displays the Xbox LIVE Gamer Picture or Halo emblem for each of your friends
  • Popup notifications when friends sign on and off, as well as on other events.
  • Displays an alert whenever you have new Xbox LIVE messages.
  • When you hover your mouse over a friend XBList shows their Gamer Card, with extra info about when they last signed on and what they're playing. It will also show their Halo emblem if they don't have a Gamer Picture or you prefer Halo Emblems.
  • Easily access your friends' Xbox.com profiles, Halo stats, and compose messages.
  • Manage your Friends List right from the desktop - add and remove friends, and accept or reject friend invites.

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XBList News

  • XBList is broken due to Xbox.com changes August 21, 2011

    Recent changes to Xbox.com have broken XBList. This happens every time they change Xbox.com, but this time the changes are too major for a quick fix. The way XBList works hasn’t aged well, and this is going to require some major changes. That combined with the fact that I don’t have very much free time [ read more ]

  • Updates to JSONView, XBList, and TopProcess October 5, 2009

    I’ve finally gotten around to doing some maintenance updates on three of my most-used bits of software (JSONView, XBList, and TopProcess), all in the last couple weeks. Now that they’re all approved and live, I thought I’d summarize what’s changed. JSONView 0.3 JSONView 0.3 is now available at addons.mozilla.org. This fixes an error that was [ read more ]

  • XBList updated to 3.2.2 to deal with Xbox.com changes June 19, 2009

    I’ve just uploaded a new version of XBList that fixes it after the new Xbox.com site changed everything around. Oh, the joys of writing a screen-scraping app! There’s some good news though – the new Xbox.com design actually puts much more info on the friends page, so XBList needs to do a lot less work [ read more ]

  • A small XBList update to 3.2.1 December 1, 2008

    Yesterday I updated XBList to 3.2.1. This release is mostly bugfixes – it fixes a problem where Xbox Gamer Tiles wouldn’t load because xbox.com changed the format they stored pics in, and it fixes an issue where gamers who are away but in a game would show up as on the dashboard. The only new [ read more ]

  • XBList 3.2.0 works with the new Xbox.com March 27, 2008

    I read today that Xbox.com had gotten a redesign. I had hoped it wouldn’t impact the friends list page, which XBList uses to get its friend info, but unfortunately it had. The friends list is now split into 16-friend chunks. That meant I had some work ahead of me to make sure XBList could work [ read more ]

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The software license for XBList permits unlimited distribution as long as nobody charges money for it, modifies it, or packages it with other software without my permission . It also frees me from any liability from your use of the software. A copy of the actual license is included in the installation and is viewable from the "About" dialog.

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